March 1, 2 and 3, 2023

The World Summit of Arts Education ‘2023, with the aim of allowing international debate on the themes chosen for the event and sharing between the various cultures, will be organized in a hybrid format. Thus, participants will be able to choose one of the two types of registration that we will have available:

1) entirely remotely, will be carried out online using a unified communication and collaboration platform;

2) in person, with access to the program organized in person and held at a location to be defined, in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.

In summary, the World Summit of Arts Education ‘2023 will be organized in order to allow interested parties to choose the registration method that best suits their situation: if you are in Madeira and want to have access to all the face-to-face and varied, theoretical and practical experience, should opt for the in situ mode; if you cannot come to Madeira, you can opt for the distance modality that will give you access to an adapted program. In both modalities, you will receive a certificate of participation in digital format.

See more information about each of the modalities in the buttons below:


The WAAE World Summit of Arts Education ‘2023 will be organized by various types of sessions:

a) Official Session and Opening Conference

Starting the work of the congress, on the morning of the first day, the ‘official opening session’ takes place, with the presence of the highest regional entities in the area of education. In this session, the ‘Opening Conference’ takes place, held by a personality of recognized scientific competence in the areas of education, arts and culture.

b) Plenary Sessions, Free Communications and Topics for Debate

It is in the ‘Plenary Sessions’, in the ‘Presentation Sessions’ and in the ‘Discussion Panels’, participants will address different topics related to the main theme of the summit. It is intended to create a space for sharing knowledge, practices and strategies between actors in the same area and, above all, to join voices and efforts to know the regional school reality and respond to the needs of students, teachers and schools and to improve arts education in schools and intercultural settings.

The Plenary sessions will start by Keynotes invited by the Conservatory and recommended by WAAE executive Forum.  Discussion panels will be moderated  by representatives of the local organization and from the four organisations of WAAE: International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA), International Society of Education through Art (InSEA),  International Society for Music Education (ISME) and World Dance Alliance (WDA). Discussion tables and round tables will be organized according to the received proposals for presentations, that will be subject of peer review by members of the Academic Committee.

c) Performances and workshops in situ

The performances and workshops allow participants to enjoy experimental moments in the various artistic areas (plastic arts, dance, music, theater and multimedia) and other topics of general interest. These workshops are organized in different spaces, according to the specificities and needs required by the facilitators.

d) Social and artistic program

In addition to the sessions, a social program will be developed consisting of several types of actions:

1) Concerts and/or other artistic performances;

2) Fair and presentation of editions;

3) Walks and/or other moments of artistic conviviality, to be designated.