World Summit of
Arts Education ‘2023

Organized by Madeira Regional Government, the Regional Secretary of Education, Science and Technology and the Conservatory – Professional School of Arts of Madeira, the WAAE World Summit of Arts Education ‘2023 will be held for the first time on Madeira Island, between the 1st and 3rd of March 2023, and will guide its discussion around the main theme ‘Heritage & Sustainability: sustaining islands of culture and arts education’. Its main objective is to share knowledge, tradition and new practices in arts education involving traditional musical instruments, traditional dances, tales and legends; design; visual arts and handicrafts and local sustainability. The summit will have an hybrid format offering opportunities to share and make presentations integrated in discussion panels, workshops, posters and performances for an audience of  teachers, educators, researchers, students, cultural agents; cultural policy makers; cultural producers; cultural managers;  educators, artists, designers, craftspeople, social workers; mediators and facilitators in cultural contexts from all over the world.

The Frankfurt Declaration  will be the  starting point to this summit,  to continue the debates initiated in the 2019 WAAE summit, organized in Frankfurt, Germany (October 28 to Nov 1, 2019). Based on the successes and lessons learned from the twelve editions of the Madeira Artistic Education Congress, with the participation of between 250 and 300 artists, teachers, and political agents annually, the Madeira edition of this World Summit would follow a similar pattern of openness, including an active dialogue, leading to agreed actions.

The WAAE World Summit of Arts Education ‘2023 in Madeira will be held in three days, expecting more than twenty discussion panels and workshops in the various artistic areas; an opening conference with representants of WAAE and a local keynote; three plenary sessions where the major themes will be addressed by keynote speakers and panelists; space for round tables, workshops, performances and digital posters.  The participants in situ will be able to enjoy the wonderful social events and walks to know more about Madeira natural and cultural heritage.  The summit will also integrate a book fair and publishing stands (if you want to integrant the book, launch a book, journal fair or having a publisher’s stand, please contact us).